Entry #58

Madland - Voice Casting Call

2016-06-05 20:19:44 by MOC-Productions

Hey everyone,


I'm currently casting a few key roles for the first two scenes of my 5-year endeavor of a project.

More info here!

There are going to be WAY more roles than this in the future too, so keep an eye out.





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2016-06-05 21:42:17

Hit me up buddy!

MOC-Productions responds:

I will definitely be hitting you up


2016-06-06 19:30:51

im a voice-actor.

let me know if you need me!

(what type of a voice do you want, in what style, and what emotions are you looking for in a voice?)

good poster, and an interesting project; a good tribute of the madness epoch.


2016-06-07 01:31:00

I'm already hyped for this production.


2016-06-07 04:15:03

Why not? I'd like to participate for a change!


2016-06-21 23:16:12

I'd be interested in at least trying out
My casting call club profile with some of my voice