2013-11-12 20:15:10 by MOC-Productions

It's been over a month since my last post and sorry to say...I'm not dead yet.

However, I do feel sort of "dead" as an artist due my lack of content in the past few years. So I thought I'd take some time to put you to sleep by explaining what's been going on the past few months, and why it would appear I've become useless as an artist.

First and foremost though, I'd like to apologize to anyone that has been involved with my god-awfully slow moving production, Madland. I keep telling everyone (voice actors, poster artists, fans, etc.) "it's just around the corner!". Then two months go by and they hear nothing from me. If I were one of them in that position, I'd be like "yeah, fuck this guy".

As I get older, I feel like there is just no time for ANYTHING anymore. I don't know if this is solely due to getting older and having more responsibilities, or because advancing technology makes time go by super-fast. Either way, it sucks.

I think with online media slowly becoming the "only" media, everyone involved in it thinks they need to generate lots of content REALLY fast to keep their fans satisfied. And this works for many artists. However, I've always spent a great deal of time on lengthier projects. What sucks about that, though, is each project usually takes twice as long to complete as the last one did, because as an artist, you have to keep challenging yourself and improving.

As of now, there are three main things that take up my time: work, school, and a feature length script I have been working on for almost ten years. We shot a scene from it a while ago and treated it like a short film. Here's the trailer:

The script is just about 60% complete. The reason I've been busting ass on it now is because I officially have three different connections that I can hand it off to and I'd hate to lose them because I took too long to write it.

So where does Madland fit into all this?

Good question. It is ridiculously frustrating not being able to work on this thing as much as I'd like to. I'm still chipping away at it in the little bit of free time that I have, but some days I wish I could just drop everything and focus soley on this. This is why I launched a kickstarter so that I might be able to afford to stay at home and work on it non-stop. Yeah, well that was a fail. Here's the campaign trailer we made for it:

So there you have it. That's where I'm at and where all my time is going. Have I given up on Madland? No. Is it going to take alot more time to get done? Sadly, yes. A lot more time. But I promise...it will be worth it.

-Matt Hunter


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2013-11-12 22:45:04

Sometimes it can be tough working on projects. You feel as if you'll never get it done and regret that you never released it but at the same time feel that if you rush you will never be satisfied with the result. It can be hard but you just got to keep working and ignore those thoughts.

MOC-Productions responds:

Doing my best. I think the more experience you have as an animator, the more you know what you're in for in terms of the time it takes, which makes it that much harder to get the ball rolling.


2013-11-13 08:45:58

I wish you the BEST amount of luck on this project. I understand that your busy with school, work, etc, but I hope that you manage your time well and hope you will be able to get through this. If you need to take a break, take a break you deserve it with whatever free time you have available. As for Kick-starter, I REALLY wish that went smoothly. I was surprised that not a lot of people donated because you are an AMAZING animator. But whatever you do I'll be glad to support you.

MOC-Productions responds:

Much appreciated, good sir.


2013-11-13 08:51:31

Time is something that we just don't have anymore. But anyway, good luck!


2013-11-14 09:12:31

Great content will always get lots of recognition, no matter how long it takes to make. So many famous artists just throw out simple shorts and stay in the hype as long as they keep submitting, but once they stop their fanbase dwindles. Then there are those who just submit one thing and are remembered always. :P Or not...

Yeah, time is never enough, feels like there's no 'waiting' for a project, just appreciating whenever anything pops up in the top spots. With technology the construction process seems more in the shadow of the final production than it used to be...


2013-11-16 23:08:54

I so desperately wish I could help. I love Indie Developers who work so hard and have soo much potential. Know that us fans will be here for moral support and once I have a job in a few months I will donate what I can (finding work is hard though, even McDonalds denied me! And I'm 16). You will go places!


2013-12-13 11:13:48

well you will have a lot of pressure I wish you to have enough free time to do what you want


2014-01-07 11:47:37

update the blog pls


2014-02-09 12:21:41

i always come to ng just to see if madland is done pls hurry up unless u are dead then RIP greatest madness creator yet even better than krinkels

MOC-Productions responds:

Sorry about that. I need to get better at updating this blog. Madland is still in production and progress is being made (slowly). I'll be posting an update soon. I may or may not give people an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the prologue (first 2.5 minutes). Haven't decided yet.


2014-02-21 03:25:47

He had the Kickstarter any sense? but it is nice to finish it.
Next time it will surely succeed.


2014-02-21 11:28:14

yes you actuallyshould upload a proluge cus peopl think that u are done that u dumbed the whole project so do ir (the proluge) and quick


2014-03-31 13:03:57

think you can finish it by madness day
i bet you will come up first


2014-06-22 16:47:37

This better be good, MOC. The Heist was way too short. Maybe you could make a small series after this? Like, a military version.