Madland - Poster Artists Wanted

2013-01-17 18:26:45 by MOC-Productions

Hey guys,

I've been off work for 5 days now and have been working my balls off on Madland (trailer at the bottom). With all this re-energizing and such, I want to get started on the posters.

With my last project, Shadman designed and illustrated this. Needless to say, I was quite satisfied.

My goal is and always has been to present my flash movies like films. I think the whole poster idea is a nice touch. So what I want to do with this one is create a three-poster set, released at three different times during the "promotional" period. Then I thought it would be REALLY cool to have each poster done by a different artist here on NG. I still plan on contacting TheShadling to do a "final" poster of his own design, but for these three, I want to get more people involved to show the diversity here on Newgrounds.

So what I'm proposing is simple: Three artists. Three posters. I have a rough sketch of each poster so people know what is needed. If you're interested, simply comment here or send me a PM. I should note that I'd prefer people who are "scouted" as artists so I can at least look over some examples of their work. However, if you aren't scouted, but still feel you're the person for the job, PM with what you're capable of.

And it case anyone is wondering, yes I will pay for it if payment is what you desire, but that means it has to be fuckin awesome.

UPDATE: Here's the sketch for poster #1 If anyone's interested.

-Matt Hunter


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2013-01-17 22:08:11

Will black and white be acceptable?


2013-01-17 22:09:34

And when's the deadline? I want to have some time after exams, and some time to plan the poster.

MOC-Productions responds:

It's not really a contest so there's technically no deadline. But obviously the sooner the better. And these posters require alot of color, but if you wanted to do a black and white sketch with pen and ink or something, then have someone else color it, I'm fine with that.


2013-01-18 03:57:08

I can try) But I don't scouted(


2013-01-18 04:57:11

Hell i want you to be director of my series when I get around to making it your so good. Just like RidOff, I can make one but chances are it wont get scouted and you will never see it.


2013-01-18 12:47:01

Huh. I personally suck at art, but I know a friend who's rather good at it. I'l ask him, and then send you a PM if he's interested.

MOC-Productions responds:

Awesome! :D


2013-01-18 19:45:32

For the characters, what style do you prefer? Do you prefer the classic Madness shape? Real life? Or a variation of a manga style?


2013-01-18 23:28:10

Also, do you want you posters portait? Or Landscape?

MOC-Productions responds:

Try whatever you'd like. Just in portrait format.


2013-01-31 19:34:20

Hey dude: I have seen Madland´s trailer. Very good work here. I am not good at painting on computer, but i think im good at drawing and making scenes. I can make a high quality sketch for you, and then make things easier for other guys that can do the computer part.

Waiting for response. PM me if you accept my idea.



2013-01-31 19:37:08

Ah, also.
Im not scouted, but i uploaded some things if you want to see. I have in mind three sketches, and i am not the kind of dude that wants or needs money. So if you want to see, you dont loose anything :D

MOC-Productions responds:

PM sent