Madland, Yoshi, 24HRC(?)

2012-10-09 14:32:27 by MOC-Productions

Hey Newgrounds,

So I've released two small things in the past few weeks which is more than my usual activity....

Madland Trailer

For Madness Day this year, I released the first teaser trailer for my new project "Madland". It may not seem like it, but I spent a SHITLOAD of time on it. Since the movie is still in early production, I only had time to create a series of "money shots" and string them together to give people a sense of what the movie will be like.

I was a little disappointed by the turnout considering barely anyone saw it. But I can't really complain considering it's only a trailer. As time goes by, I'll have more to show and hopefully be able to build a little more hype. This is a very important project for me.

Moving on...

Yoshi Hates Castles

For the longest time, I've wanted to participate in one of those "jams" here on Newgrounds. The idea of a 48 hour animation challenge seemed really fun to me...and it was. So for Movie Jam 2, MrRedstone, Shock-Dingo, and myself threw "Yoshi Hates Castles" together. I can honestly say it feels like it was a success. It got daily 3rd and front-paged. Both of which we were very appreciative of.

For those of you who are even remotely familiar with my work here, you'll quickly notice this one is the complete opposite of that. I've always been interested in doing little comedic shorts, but wouldn't want people to get the wrong impression and think that's my thing. I'd much rather be known for the movies I spend 6-10 months on than the ones I spend a few days on.

However, I do feel that in order to keep from going utterly insane, it is nice to have a project that I can actually have fun doing, devote a nice quiet night or two to, and still end up with something I'm proud of.


A while back, the ever-so famous RicePirate joined forces with a team of extremely talented animators (including RedHarvest, Pegosho, and Ockeroid) to create the first 24-hour collab, or as we know it, Red Ronin. The concept is pretty self explanatory. Group of artists all have one day to animate a specific concept or idea. Those all get thrown together and BAM! "24HRC" happens.

I've always wanted to get down on one of these, but it would seem the creators (like most of us) lack the time to plan another one. I won't lie, now that I know I'm relatively capable, I wouldn't mind taking up this mantle. I REALLY want to do a 24HRC and collab with a bunch of animators I'm familiar with, and maybe a few I'm not. It just seems like the networking there would be a total blast.

Now obviously, this whole 24HRC concept belongs to Mick and the rest of the originals, and I haven't discussed this with them yet (mainly because I JUST thought of this). For now, it's just an idea I'm throwing out there. I shall investigate this possibility further and contact the board to see what they think.

Before I sign off, I just want to give a big congrats to my brother, MrRedstone for winning 3rd place in the Madness Day audio contest! And there was much rejoicing. Check out his track here!

Well, there's another novel's worth of news. Comment, check out my shit, subscribe to my YouTube channel, blah blah blah.

-Matt Hunter


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2012-10-09 14:58:53

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that while I can be harsh, I'm also one of the fairest people on here. Besides, at least you and Golfinho did great unlike some people. (Looks at Jazza and Sam Green.)

MOC-Productions responds:

I've always thought your reviews were totally fair and always offer the right amount of constructive criticism. And like I said before, that's rare these days.


2012-10-09 17:06:42

I'd get in on it ;)

MOC-Productions responds:

This pleases me.


2012-10-10 07:17:17

It's a shame that only 4k people saw that trailer. In my opinion it was the best thing on this madness day, because it is something more than just standart madness run'n'gun or one joke movie.

Good luck, hope "Madland" will be finished in short time.
P.S. Do u saw my Tricky design that I send u when u ask about it?

MOC-Productions responds:

I don't remember getting anything. I remember that "contest" I posted being a total fail. I'll double-check my email.


2012-10-10 08:17:43

I'm definatly up for whenever there's the next 24HC! I think we've all just been busy doing our own thing, but I think if we just decided "ok been long enough, we're doing one X month!" then we'd get to it :)

Will be really interesting seeing what we come up with now it's been so long! And it'll be fun having some new ppl in!

MOC-Productions responds:

So far I've got you and Red. I'm excited already. I'll start asking around and see if we can all determine a date. I'm thinking some time during winter break would be good. We'll pick a day or two so we can all take off work if need be.


2012-10-10 12:22:17

It's not your fault, MD 2012 was a really awesome day, if you ask me, view limit depends a lot on ratings (lol I was 1st to review yours) as well as cover picture look. Best of luck to your future works.

MOC-Productions responds:

Yeah I've realized trailers don't get very much attention, which makes sense. But I still like to get them out there to build a little hype.


2012-10-11 15:39:25

The trailer was great. I see you're planning on reintroducing the Sheriff, and most of the cast. A few questions, though:
Will Sanford and Deimos appear in the film?
Were those SWAT agents, your original idea? I also saw someone who looked like Bane from TDKR. Is that him?
Will you include grunts in the Madness universe, e.g. Agents(shades and paintball masks) the ATP engineer (yellow mask), the OBSV/ATP soldat (Yellow eyepiece) and enemies from Project Nexus?
Other than that, I hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time making this film. Good luck!

MOC-Productions responds:

Sanford and Deimos are the only ones not appearing in this one. Not because I don't like them, but because I felt involving them might over-complicate the story for this one.

The SWAT agents are only supposed to be members of AAHW. I chose that design to keep with a semi-realistic approach.

As for the guy who looks like Bane, he is supposed to be a Mag agent. Specifically the V3 design. The quick shot you see of him is actually just a preliminary "test shot" that I played with to get movements down. His design will probably change drastically in the completed film so he doesn't look like Mag Bane.

The "grunts", again, are pretty much replaced by the SWAT-looking agents, but their designs will vary depending on their security level.

The overall goal with this one is to tell the story of the Madness universe with an entirely different vision, while shedding some light on the backstory of AAHW.

Hopefully that answers everything lol.